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Hog Manure Treatment that Works

ATD, the University of British Columbia Chemical Engineering Department and Hipp-Anvil Engineering Ltd. have developed a system for the management of hog manure that is cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. It produces pelleted fertilizer and drinking water.

Benefits of the ATD Manure Treatment System include:

  • significant savings in manure management costs
  • substantial odour reduction
  • virtual elimination of pollutants
  • solids will be pathogen and weed seed free
  • 100% capture of solids and virtually all nutrients in a saleable dry pellet fertilizer
  • eliminates use of lagoons and liquid slurry operations
  • produces drinking water and wash water for the barns
  • eliminates nearby acreage as a consideration in manure management
  • Adaptable for dairy operations

Read more about the advantages of using the ATD Manure Treatment System.

ATD: A Brand to Build On

The ATD Manure System will allow our clients to provide a healthier product to the market while providing outstanding stewardship of the land and environment. They will be able to push our brand’s benefits forward to their buyers on the condition that it be carried forward to the consumers to command a better price.

The ATD Manure System improves air quality for both the pigs and the people who care for them by removing and treating the manure before it can go anaerobic. This removes the stresses associated with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other odours that challenge lungs.

The ATD Manure System removes environmental concerns for the potential pollution of water and land by eliminating lagoons and liquid manure disposal activities. Dry, storable pelleted fertilizer allows for more accurate crop nutrition and nutrient balance.

The ATD Manure System removes environmental concerns for the generation of green house gases. The elimination of liquid manure disposal and long term anaerobic storage ensures that operations emit an absolute minimum of these gases.

The ATD Manure System conserves one of our greatest natural resources – clean water. By eliminating flushing and recycling the available water we can reduce input volumes by up to 80%.

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Reduce Manure Treatment Costs

ATD estimates their patented hog manure management system can save a new farm over $800,000 per year on hog manure treatment costs based on an 10,000 place grow to finish hog operation 1. Larger hog farms will reap greater benefits, providing small hog farms the economic impetus for production scale increases.

If you would like ATD to calculate savings estimates for your operation, please contact or call 604-736-4474. You may also submit a contact request form.

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Double Hog Production

By increasing the popluation of your operation from 10,000 to 20,000 places, you will gain a larger return on investment, Your farm can continue to operate on the existing land base.

Greenhouse gas emissions will be drastically reduced. However, the added revenue from fertilizer sales alone will help you achieve your bottom line even without greenhouse gas reduction credits.

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Reduce Manure Odours

Manure odours are substantially reduced because the system eliminates the need for lagoons and liquid manure field applications, the primary odour sources of current manure management practices. ATD’s organic based dry pelleted fertilizer has virtually no odour when correctly applied to the land.

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Make Money from Manure

The ATD Manure Treatment System produces a consistent analysis dry pelleted fertilizer that can add profits to your hog farm production.  Greater increases in return per market pig are possible for new installations that are prepared to sell all of the fertilizer produced.

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Help the Environment

With the ATD Manure Treatment System, all manure nutrients are captured in a dry pelleted fertilizer, with no harmful losses to the environment. Using this fertilizer with an eye to the weather results in a dramatic reduction in leaching to surface and ground water.

Because the ATD system eliminates lagoons and liquid manure applications to land, greenhouse gases are virtually eliminated.

Read more about how the ATD Manure Treatment System helps the environment.

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1. Results are based on a calculation of typical production costs of an 10,000 place grow to finish operation in Manitoba, Canada.