Manure Treatment that Works

ATD has developed a system for the management of animal manures that is cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. It produces a pelleted organic based fertilizer and drinking/wash-down water for the animals.


Reduced water consumption

Reduced water consumption

reduce input volumes by up to 70%

The ATD Manure System conserves one of our greatest natural resources – clean water. By eliminating flushing and recycling the available water we can reduce input volumes by up to 70%.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

An investment that pays for itself

The ATD system is an investment that pays for itself many times over. It recovers its investment in 3 to 5 years depending on volume and the market for the fertilizer by-product.

Good for the Environment

Good for the Environment

Eliminate Greenhouse gases

The ATD Manure System removes environmental concerns for the potential pollution of water and land by eliminating lagoons and liquid manure disposal activities.

Some hog and dairy farms face a shortage of water and/or a shortage of available acreage for the application of animal manures. If solving that problem is important to you – READ ON!

The ATD Solution

Manure is typically 90% water, so by recycling that water back as drinking water to the animals we have reduced at least one part of the problem. By drying and pelleting the solids and nutrients and selling them to another farm we have completed the solution, allowing herd expansion on the existing acreage without environmental impact, conserving the water resource and a sustainable legacy for the future. There are more benefits!

How do we do it?

By using available technology we separate the solids from the liquids, then extract the nutrients from those liquids to leave pure, pathogen free, disinfected water to be returned as drinking or wash water to the barns. Then we could dry and pelletize the solids for sale, adding supplements if needed to suit the local market.

How you can buy it?
The system can be purchased as a series of modules that can be integrated with your existing operation.

  • Solids separation – emphasis on capture rate and moisture content.
  • Liquid recovery – emphasis on recovery of water and nutrients.
  • Drying and pelleting – emphasis on moisture content and possible supplementation.

ATD will work with you to create a budget and agreement on project management. There will be an option for an after-sales service agreement that provides on-site inspection, response to trouble calls, provision of spare parts, technical assistance and operator training.

What does it cost? As each project is unique we cannot forecast costs, so a ‘scoping’ study matches the client’s situation with our solution and outlines budget costs and revenues. If the project proceeds the study fee will be refunded by ATD. Each job is customized to the client, local labor and materials are used wherever possible. All purchases are off-the-shelf with the exception of the water treatment module which is customized to client specifications. Nothing happens until you see the whole picture. We target payback of the whole investment at less than five years.


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The Top Ten Other Benefits of the ATD Manure Management System

  1. Eliminates lagoons, liquid manure applications, most odours and could reduce buffer zones.
  2. Reduces cost of manure management
  3. Reduces water consumption by up to 70%
  4. Produces consistent analysis pellet for use or sale by capturing all of the nutrients
  5. Reduces greenhouse gases substantially, allowing sale of reduction credits
  6. Can be scaled up for larger operations on same land base with increased profits
  7. Can be configured for partial treatment, irrigation, bulk solids
  8. Operates effectively in all climates
  9. Requires less space than biological treatments
  10. Takes advantage of rising costs of fertilizer and increased values for greenhouse gases