Manure Treatment Advantages with the ATD System

At present, any move to expand or consolidate hog or dairy operations has been inhibited by the cost to collect, store, and apply these diluted nutrients.  There are moratoriums on new construction and citizen push back at hearings for new operations and now climate change is making it nearly impossible for some farmers to water their livestock. .

However, adaptations of existing technology now offer solutions – extract the water from the manure daily and recycle it as drinking/flush water and prepare everything else as a solid for sale off-site.  Not only does this reduce fresh water consumption by 50% it also means there is no need to invest in land to take the manure.

Some attributes of the system are:

  • 100% capture of solids and virtually all nutrients available for sale off-site
  • Allows herd expansion on the same acreage
  • Operates effectively in most climates
  • Can be adapted for anaerobic digester operations
  • Eliminates lagoons, slurry application, safety concerns
  • Adapts to installed solids separation equipment
  • Reduces field time and fuel costs
  • Daily treatment reduces odour and greenhouse gases caused by anaerobic activity and allows sale of greenhouse gas reduction credits
  • Can be configured for partial treatment, irrigation, bulk solids

Some other benefits:

  • Allows reduction in current acreage investment
  • Requires less space than biological treatments
  • Reduced tanker traffic increases bio-security
  • Takes advantage of rising values of fertilizer and greenhouse gas reductions
  • Allows the development of a distinctive brand based on environmental management and husbandry
  • Improves air quality for healthier animals
  • Reduced exposure to regulatory sanctions and public opinion associated with liquid slurry storage, transportation and application
  • A step towards sustainability and the protection of legacy farm values