How the ATD System Helps Protect the Environment


The ATD Manure Treatment System is designed to minimize the impact of manure management on the farm, local environment, and the environment in general, while offering the added benefit of a saleable byproduct: an organic based consistent analysis, fertilizer.

The ATD Manure Treatment System eliminates the collection, storage and land application of manure slurries by extracting the liquids as animal drinking water and concentrating the remaining dissolved solids in less than one sixth of current volume. This produces a moist, nutrient loaded cake of manure solids that can be stored under cover until sold or applied to the land while dramatically reducing the risk of leaching nutrients to food crops and ground water. The liquids will no longer serve as a nutrient carrier to pollute surface and ground waters. Lagoons can be replaced by tanks. Daily treatment eliminates the opportunity for anaerobic activity, the source of greenhouse gas emissions and the enzymatic breakdown of urea to form ammonia and other noxious odours.