Loading soil with biochar allows farmers to cut way back on irrigation

July 27, 2021
At high applications levels, researchers found that biochar can not only soak up a lot of carbon, but also reduce […]

Agricultural leader envisions industry’s future

July 27, 2021
Rob Saik says agriculture will have to be “infinitely sustainable” to feed a growing population, including soil health, water-use efficiency, […]

Droughty Crops Make Toxic Forage

July 19, 2021
“Using these crops for forage is very risky,” Berti told DTN. “The main risk is nitrate poisoning as it is […]

Seaweed may cut methane emissions

July 14, 2021
  Seaweed may cut beef cattle’s methane

Multi-Purpose Living Mulch Improves Soil Health and Farmer’s Bottom Line Multi-Purpose Living Mulch Improves Soil Health and Farmer’s Bottom Line

June 28, 2021
The primary challenge to using kura clover as a cover crop is that seeds are sometimes difficult to find, and […]

Water Shortages Return to Quebec as Pleas for Conservation Sound Across Canada

June 22, 2021
More and more municipalities are struggling with dry conditions as mayors in British Columbia’s Okanagan region, as well as the […]

The Nitrogen Emergency and How to Fix Our Forgotten Environmental Crisis

May 17, 2021
All life on Earth depends on nitrogen. Most of the crucial chemical components of our bodies, from the proteins in […]

The complex world of methane

May 7, 2021
Extracted from Conversations that Matter – Vancouver Sun May 1, 2021 The debate over agricultural methane is raging, cow burps […]

Bacteria help plants grow without fertilizer

May 4, 2021
It is well known that nitrogen is important for plant growth. Farmers can artificially increase the amount of nitrogen in […]

Will Agriculture Lose Access to Water?

April 29, 2021
According to Justin Stoler, an associate professor in geography and sustainable development at the University of Miami, water futures are […]