April, 8, 2014

New patent issued by the United States Patent Office for our hog manure management system.

The United States Patent Office has issued a second patent (#8,685,131) for our hog manure management system. We applied for it in 2009. This brings the total number of patents on various aspects of our development worldwide to 10 with at least 8 more pending.

Vancouver,  Nov.20, 2013

ATD Waste Systems Inc. has completed trials of a new membrane bringing nanotechnology into the market place. 

This MITACS sponsored R&D project headed by Professor Takeshi Matsuura, Director of the Industrial Membrane Research Institute at the University of Ottawa and supported by Chaoyang Feng Ph.D. and K.C. Khulbe Ph.D. has created a new membrane that improved on earlier results at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and moved from tubular to a flat sheet format.  This is the final step before moving on to build and install a small scale demo at the Prairie Swine Center near Saskatoon and validates the corporate approach to extract all dissolved nutrients in the liquids from the hog barn in a way that they can supplement the solids going into a balanced fertilizer pellet and produce high quality recycled drinking water for the animals.  The combination of recycled wash water and manure liquids holds promise of reducing water consumption on hog farms by up to 80%


Vancouver, BC October 31, 2012

Closing the Loop

ATD Waste Systems Inc. (ATD) has just received US Patent #8,282,827, the basis for their project to eliminate the need for nearby acreage for hog manure disposal and allow expansion on existing farms by recycling the liquids as drinking water and creating a dry fertilizer pellet for sale off-site. This system should allow the industry to move forward to obtain economies of scale without environmental impact.
Becoming larger can cut down on the costs that are controllable i.e. transportation costs of animals and feed, improve bio-security, air quality and conserve water while providing a new cash flow.


ATD Waste Systems Inc. Selected to Present at WBT Innovative Marketplace in San Diego

ATD, a developer of hog manure management systems is among 130 companies and technologies seeking capital,
acquisition or licensing partners during WBT 2012

San Diego, CA – (Date)– ATD Waste Systems Inc., (ATD) announced today it has been selected to be a presenter at the tenth annual WBT Innovation Marketplace presented by Northrup Grumman taking place October 24 – 26, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center. ATD is among 130 companies and technology innovators from across the globe that was individually chosen by the WBT Selection Committee to present during WBT 2012. ATD’s President, Victor Van Slyke will speak about its hog manure management breakthrough and discuss future plans for its proprietary system with some of the country’s leading venture capital firms, Fortune 1000 corporate licensees, federal agency representatives and university technology transfer managers.

ATD is a privately owned company located in Vancouver, BC, Canada that was formed to design systems for the conversion of wastes to useful products. Hog manure is the world’s largest waste disposal problem and it threatens the ability to increase production in a world of increasing demand. They have developed and tested a system that does not require nearby acreage for disposal and conserves the water resource.

“We are honored to present alongside a wide array of highly regarded researchers and technologists from around the world who are making ground breaking discoveries,” said Mr. Van Slyke. “We look forward to showcasing a sustainable approach to hog manure management and helping WBT attendees see first-hand how operators all over the world will be able to double their herds on existing sites without environmental impact.”

“We are pleased to include ATD Waste Systems Inc. in this choice group of emerging companies and technologies to our exclusive forum of institutional investors, angel investors, and corporate licensees,” said Paul Huleatt, CEO, WBT Innovation Marketplace. “We hope ATD will join the WBT alumni that have received over $786 million in early and seed stage funding and licensing. One in three WBT presenters goes on to license, secure venture funding or sell their IP outright.”

As with each year previously, the 2012 WBT Innovation Marketplace represents the collaborative, yearlong effort of investors, licensees, and tech commercialization professionals. The WBT is deal-focused and diverse, showcasing companies and technologies that vary by geography, funding source and type of research institution. Participating technologies are selected by and presented to seasoned venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a variety of growth oriented industries.

WBT 2012 will be hosted by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and CONNECT, an internationally recognized and award winning regional program that

catalyzes the creation of innovative technology and life sciences products in San Diego
County by linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success.

About WBT Innovation Marketplace
The WBT Innovation Marketplace is the world’s premier showcase converging revolutionary new energy, life science, nanotech, material science and information technologies to seed limitless solutions for current market needs. Attendees will experience an unparalleled forum that is both deal-focused and unbiased with regard to geography, funding source or originating research institution.

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October 12,2010 ATD’s President Vic Van Slyke with Dr. Jianjun Zhang visitingthe site of the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center’s (MAFIC) new pig farm just outside of Beijing China where ATD plans to install a ‘proof of concept’ demonstration of their ability to convert hog urine to animal quality drinking water. A concept that boasts the ultimate solution to pig farm pollution problems by completelyeliminating liquid discharges to land or water.

ATD’s President Vic Van Slyke with Dr. Jianjun Zhang
Vic Van Slyke with Wang Shuaiqin

Oct. 14, 2010. ATD’s Vic Van Slyke and Terri Chen surrounded by Guangdong Wen’s Foodstuff Group’s Ms Huan Qin and Mr Zhenfang Wu have just introduced ATD’s hog manure treatment system.”



On Sept. 27, 2010 ATD’s President Vic Van Slyke met with several representatives of major hog producers of China to introduce ATD’s manure management system.

From left to right:Liew We Lim, Executive Director, China Division of PigPro, Wang Jianxin, Van Slyke, Liao Bo, Chen Zhonghua and Luo Xianglin .

ATD Waste Systems Inc. Selected by The Artemis Project™ as a Top 50 Water Company Top Innovators in Global Water Technology recognized on Earth Day 2009

Vancouver BC, Canada (April 22, 2009) -ATD Waste Systems Inc. today announced that it has been chosen by The Artemis Project™ as a Top 50 Water Companies Competition winner. This award distinguishes ATD Waste Systems Inc. as a leading company that is helping to build one of the great high-growth industries of the 21st Century. ATD Waste Systems Inc. was selected by a panel of industry experts based on an integrated matrix of four criteria: technology, intellectual property and know-how, team and market potential.

“The Artemis Project’s Top 50 Water Companies Competition winners have excelled in key strategic areas in the emerging advanced water technology sector,” said Laura Shenkar, Principal of The Artemis Project. “We are excited to spotlight these innovative companies for the first time on the world’s stage and congratulate them for their achievements in introducing the solutions that will reinvent the water landscape.”

ATD Waste Systems Inc. has developed a closed loop hog manure recovery system that allows the integration of the industry on a larger scale than is currently possible with environmental safety. It allows the industry to organize and relocate for greater profits by virtually eliminating odours and taking the water out of the manure for re-use while producing a dry fertilizer in a compact concentrated form. This eliminates the need for nearby land for manure disposal and collects more nutrients. It allows large scale hog farms to reduce transportation costs and increase profits by locating close to their labour, feed and slaughter services while providing improved bio-security for staff and animals.

Please visit for a full list of the 2009 Top 50 Water Companies Competition winners.

About The Artemis Project
Established in 2000, The Artemis Project is a boutique consulting practice that brings unique capabilities to 21st century water management, combining an understanding of the most advanced solutions with an international network of developers, investors and users of advanced water technology. As the leading authority on applying advanced water solutions to business operations, The Artemis Project specializes in developing holistic water management strategies for major corporations. The Artemis Project also supports product launches of advanced water technology into business operations worldwide. The Artemis Project actively participates in water industry events and supports environmental policy initiatives. More information is available at

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