ATD Waste Systems Inc. (ATD) has developed an on-farm, zero discharge manure management system that can produce pathogen and weed free organic based pelleted fertilizer and animal drinking water.

Our main objective is to reduce water consumption and provide the means of moving nutrients and solids off-site to relieve the operators concerns of nutrient overloading on present acreage.

All hog or dairy manure is taken from barns or digesters daily, and processed through the system. The process eliminates greenhouse gases, odours and the need for lagoons for manure liquids. It also avoids land application of liquid wastes. Odours are eliminated using a bio-filter that cools and deodorizes the air discharged from the solids dryer. There is no discharge to land or water.

The system is cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly, while significantly reducing water consumption by up to 80%. A farm with this system installed can also benefit by reclaiming land currently employed for manure storage and disposal. Other benefits include the sale of excess fertilizer, sale of greenhouse gas carbon offsets; at the same time reducing manure management costs.

ATD holds patents, and has others pending, on the technology employed in its systems. It works closely with a local water purification company who have built and installed packaged water treatment systems for over 20 years. They will assemble and install all the liquid components of the ATD systems. ATD also has a select team of competent suppliers to work with them on turnkey installations.

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