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ATD Waste Systems Inc. (ATD) is a system integrator that has developed an on-farm, zero discharge manure management system. Our objectives are to:

I.Reduce fresh water consumption and field-time by recycling manure liquids to the barn as drinking water

II.Supply nutrients with reduced moisture for field application or sale off-site

III. Reduce investment in acreage and lagoons for manure disposal.

The manure is taken from barns or digesters daily. Then we take most of the water from the slurry to produce moist solids and sterile drinking/flushing/washing water and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentrate. This eliminates lagoons and provides better control over nutrient application as well as significantly reducing the costs of nutrient application and transportation. It is adaptable to current solids separation equipment.

The system is cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. By eliminating manure slurry in favor of recycled water and solid nutrients, a farm can gradually move into the fertilizer business, expanding the herd with no environmental concerns or investment in acreage and step toward a more sustainable future.

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