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ATD has developed a system for the management of animal manures that is cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. It can be installed in stages to produce pelleted fertilizer and animal drinking water.

J. Victor Van Slyke” CPA-CMA (RET’D), MBA. PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER” url=”https://hogmanure.com” linkedin=”https://ca.linkedin.com/in/vicvanslyke”]. Mr. Van Slyke has had an active career in systems design and implementation of information systems. He has devoted himself to the task of developing a fully integrated system of manure management for large-scale hog and dairy operations.

[one_half_last][person name=”Hubert J. Timmenga” info=”Ph.D., P.Ag., CAC.
Timmenga and Associates” linkedin=’https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/hubert-timmenga/9/130/739′]Dr. Timmenga is an early contributor to our success. His background in the agricultural sector is the basis for our reasoned approach to development. He operates an environmental consulting firm in Vancouver, Timmenga and Associates and is President of ECA Solutions Canada Ltd. who produce and market electrochemical equipment for water purification.[/person][/one_half_last]


[h2]Advisory Board[/h2]

[one_half][person name=”Marion Webber,” info=”President of Vector Communications Ltd.” linkedin=’https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/marion-webber/4/ab/6b0′] Vector Communications Ltd. is a marketing consulting organization in Vancouver, BC. Ms. Webber has extensive experience in marketing engineering/environmental projects.[/person][/one_half]

[one_half_last][person name=”Scott Foster,” info=”President
Bi Pure Water (Canada) Inc”]Scott Foster, B. Sc. Mr. Foster is the President of Bi Pure Water (Canada) Inc. a Field Services Operation company focused on packaged water treatment systems for small municipalities and remote locations.

[one_half][person image=”http://dairywatersaver.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/woman1.jpg” name=”Professor Takeshi Matsuura. ” info=”D.-Ing, Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Ottawa.”]. Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Ottawa. Professor Matsuura’s background in membrane technology and sound approach to development and innovation are invaluable.[/person][/one_half]