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Our Value Statements are:

To the Regulators:

You will see our closed loop system as a remedy for the complaints you face daily for odours, water table contamination and untraceable pork products on retail shelves. As the system is deployed it will no longer be necessary to re-locate farms for odour complaints as residential buildings approach them. (The city of Wuhan has the population of BC and five years ago was faced with relocating 50 farms because of odour complaints.) Stressed fresh water systems and aquifers will be relieved as consumption is reduced.

To the Operators:

You will make more money and public relations will be enhanced as you are seen as protectors of the environment. Your investment will be recovered from the sale of a new consistent analysis fertilizer, the elimination of all current manure disposal costs as well as greenhouse gas offset credits. Water will be conserved by reducing consumption by up to 50%. You will not have to re-locate due to odour complaints. Staff will no longer be concerned with regulatory filings, reports and actions. Nitrogen losses will be reduced while capturing more solids and nutrients than before. ATD’s brand will encourage a higher price. You will be supported by an after-sales service entity and remote monitoring to ensure continued peak performance of your system.

To the Consumer:

The ATD brand will identify improved environmental management. Concerns will be reduced as threats to air and water quality are eliminated. From a national perspective there will be a reduction in chemical fertilizer use and imports. There will be an increase in productive land as it is released by moving operations to non-productive locations or expanding production on the same land base. Pork products will taste better as attention is directed to consumer’s needs rather than old environmental problems that had not been resolved. Hog and Dairy operations will become more sustainable, securing high quality food products with no environmental impact.